Typerium: Blockchain Company for Creators Opens Its Doors to US Investors

Typerium, a start-up that aims to make the lives of creators easier, is now allowing Americans to purchase its TYPE Tokens

In a move that allows a significant portion of Typerium supporters to become investors, the company is now allowing US residents to take part in its initial coin offering (ICO).

These funding rounds aim to bring the company the resources it needs to help the millions of content creators across the globe. The Typerium platform will take a multi-layered approach to the problems that creators face in their art, their lives and their businesses. It will combine intuitive design software with intellectual property protection, a social media network, a digital marketplace, a trust and reputation management system, a blockchain-based payment gateway, and its own token.

Many of its features will be based on blockchain technology, which decentralises control and stores records in a way that prevents them from being altered. This technology brings many benefits to the creative fields, such as simplifying business process, making transactions cheaper and allowing creators to authenticate their intellectual property.

Typerium is one of the few UK-based blockchain platforms, although it has has proved to be popular online. In the first three weeks after its launch, it built its social media following from less than 200 people to over 80,000.

It was the top trending ICO upon its launch and it has gotten great reviews from the ICO rankers. These include 5 out of 5 from Track ICO, a 4.8 out of 5 from ICO Rated and an 9.3 out of 10 from ICO Marks.

The project is headed by Alex Haigh, who founded Typerium alongside an experienced team. As the CEO of the typography business HypeForType, he is intimately aware of the many issues that creators face. ‘I”ve been involved in design and running businesses for a long time, so I know how difficult it is to use the current structure.

‘I faced a lot of issues, like having to coordinate multiple systems as part of running a business, high fees from payment processors and long transaction times. In the end, you waste so much time on administrative work and a lot of your profits get eaten up by various fees.

‘That”s why we are developing Typerium. We wanted to build an integrated system that makes the lives of creative people so much easier. They can do all of their business in the one platform, protect their work from IP thieves, reduce the fees they pay and connect with an audience. We”re leveraging the latest technological developments to bring power back to the people and away from huge corporations.’

The Typerium app will make professional-quality design simple, with suggestions for filters, font pairings, typographical layouts and more. Alongside these easy-to-use functions, creators will also be able to record their IP to the blockchain, giving them an anonymous way to prove ownership. The platform will feature a social media network that makes it easy for creators to communicate, inspire each other and connect with their audience.

Another key feature is the Typerium Creative Marketplace, where creators can buy, sell and license content. All of the transactions will be powered by its own currency, the TYPE Token. The platform will resolve conflicts, combat fraud and automate processes by leveraging Ethereum”s smart contract functionality. It will also provide its users with faster, cheaper and simpler transactions thanks to blockchain technology. The Typerium team also have plans to roll out these features to third party retailers in the future.

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