Cashaa is Going Live on 28 November 2018

Cashaa, one of the pioneers in blockchain technologies for financial services, has announced its crypto friendly global accounts for business and individuals.

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Cashaa is known in the industry for following rigorous AML and KYC policies under which it rejected more than 14 Million during its token sale in Jan 2018.  

Since then, Cashaa has received many awards and recognitions around the world. Its offering for startups and business have brought it the titles of  ‘Technology Provider of the Year, 2018’ by the Small Business Awards by The Entrepreneur and being named one of the Emerging 50 Rising Stars as part of the Fintech 100 of 2018 list by KPMG. One of the largest Fintech competition worldwide, BBVA Open Talent, selected Cashaa as one of the top three finalists for the Fintech for People Award in 2018 and later presented as Top Fintech Startup from Europe in Money2020 in Las Vegas. The blockchain startup was also nominated as ‘Hottest Crypto Finance Project’ of 2018 at The Europas Awards by Techcrunch. Most recently, Cashaa has been selected as finalist for the Shift Money challenge, with the finals to be held on 26-27 November. Last but not least, Cashaa has permanently maintained a spot among the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain companies since 2017.

The Crypto community has continuously been denied support from high street banks who like to talk and sponsor blockchain events but in reality do not want the blockchain revolution to happen. To speed up our mission to ‘Bank the Unbanked’, starting from the Crypto community, Cashaa merged their wallet release with the account plans – this first version of Cashaa will be launched on 28th Nov 2018.

Cashaa”s team in the UK has completed its membership plans to launch its global multi-currency crypto friendly accounts.  Cashaa has now finalised its business products for small startups starting in a garage, or big exchanges or businesses with a Billion dollars in revenue every month. Yes, you got it right, Cashaa will able to bank them all.

Cashaa will start with 5 products for businesses and individuals.

All accounts other than the Free account will require CAS tokens to function. CAS is listed on multiple exchanges including HitBTC, Idex and many others.

In the first release, Cashaa users will get:

1. Multisig crypto wallet for Bitcoin, Ether and CAS tokens

2. Accounting and auditing features

3. Banking product details with different membership plans

4. Pre-registration for the membership plans

4. Onboarding business users for the banking services

5. Deposit CAS token holding period to activate the accounts

As Cashaa is launching accounts for businesses and individuals, and most of the businesses will have millions or billions of dollars, Cashaa decided to go with a 100% fund protection scheme with European Central Institutions. In this case, all the deposits made through Cashaa are kept in a segregated account with Bank of England so that Cashaa does not invest users” money or risk in any form.

Cashaa believes in decentralisation, and so gave control over both crypto and fiat back to its users or central institutions. In case anything happens to Cashaa, it will not affect a single dollar or crypto of their customers. Unlike banks, Cashaa can not use, invest or lend users” money for their personal gain. While the crypto will be kept in a multisig wallet, with no single point of failure, the company”s business model is to earn by the fee paid by its community members and CAS tokens owned by the company for future growth.

Be a part of the Cashaa revolution to Bank the Crypto community.

Contact: Janina Lowisz, +44-7955929720,

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